The cost of drone warfare in Pakistan in 2011

American drones fired 242 AGM-114 Hellfire missiles during the year and destroyed 38 houses, 37 vehicles, one camp and a Madrassa. One such missile costs for $68000 which means the CIA spent $16.456 million or 1.5 billion Pakistani Rupees to kill 609 people. In average, ammunition cost of every single casualty was $27000 or 2.4 million Pakistani rupees. If other expenses are included the overall cost of killing one suspected militant will further rise. It may become point of concern for American tax payer that such a huge amount of money was spent just to eliminate four Al-Qaeda leaders and four Taliban commanders and during the process strained relations with key US ally in War on Terror, a diplomatic and political cost which cannot be measured in terms of pennies and dollars but can impact the overall result of the war against Al-Qaeda and Taliban.

Conflict Monitoring Center

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