Drone strikes are unilateral

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has categorically said no permission has been given to the US to launch drone strikes inside Pakistan’s territory.”There is no such permission,” the Associated Press of Pakistan quoted Gilani as telling a group of Pakistani expatriates Saturday.
In addition, former President Musharraf claims that violations of Pakistani sovereignty through drone strikes during his tenure were not mandated by him.

General Parvez Musharraf categorically denied that he had ever struck a deal over allowing the US to strike into Pakistan with unmanned drones or unilateral action against Osama bin Laden. His claim was backed up by US Senator, Bob Graham while answering questions on the Express 24/7 program, a special edition of The Platform.

“There is no such deal in place. There were nine drone attacks in three years [during my time]. The deal was to fight extremism and terrorism, to defeat al Qaeda and Taliban,” Musharraf clarified. Senator Graham backed him up saying “there has been no deal, we have a common interest to eliminate the threat to innocent lives and for that we need to eliminate the source of that threat”.


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