Swiss government proposes ban on mercenary firms, tighter rules for private security companies

Switzerland wants to banish mercenary firms and tighten the rules for private security companies based in the country in a bid to safeguard its tradition of neutrality, the government said Wednesday.A draft bill submitted to parliament would ban Swiss-based companies from direct participation in armed conflicts abroad, and from recruiting or training mercenaries in Switzerland.

The proposal, which lawmakers have until the end of January to consider, also requires private security companies to report their activities to Swiss authorities, and to abide by an international code of conduct.

The code was agreed last year by governments and industry representatives at a meeting in Geneva. It requires companies to respect human rights and the rule of law in conflict zones, to refrain from taking part in military offensives, and to restrict the use of lethal force to instances where the contractor or a third person’s life is being protected.
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