Suspect would use drone to attack U.S. capitol

This story reminds us that the proliferation of drones as geopolitical and military tools has unintended consequences, and may lead to ‘anti-drone’ security…

Federal prosecutors allege in court documents that Rezwan Ferdaus outlined an elaborate plan to undercover FBI agents posing as al-Qaeda operatives that involved the use of three drone aircraft carrying deadly payloads to attack and destroy the iconic federal government landmarks.

Prosecutors allege that as recently as May, Ferdaus traveled to Washington to photograph his intended targets and “identified sites at the East Potomac Parkfrom which to launch his airplanes filled with explosives.”

Ferdaus, a U.S. citizen who holds a physics degree from Boston’s Northeastern University, was arrested Wednesday after allegedly accepting delivery of materials, including three grenades, six Ak-47 assault rifles and a quantity of what he believed to be powerful C-4 explosives.

The suspect, according to court documents, had rented a storage unit in Framingham, Mass., where he allegedly intended to “build his attack planes and maintain all his equipment.” The suspect already had obtained one of the drone planes, an F-86 Sabre replica, from a Florida distributor under a false name, investigators alleged.

USA Today

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