Drones in Mexico

Mexican officials refuse to discuss full details concerning the extent of American participation. Mexico has acknowledged that they allowed the United States to fly non-piloted recon (drone) missions into Mexico. A Mexican official however will be present in the control room of the recon missions. According to a The New York Times, CIA and former U.S. military personnel have been stationed in a military base in Northern Mexico. Alejandro Poire, Mexico’s federal security spokesman, said in a statement on Sunday that American agents are restricted to only informational analysis and exchange and cannot carry arms, or participate in raids and arrests in Mexico. However, the details of the American agents specific activities in Mexico has not been discussed. There is also controversial talk of using military private contractors in Mexico. The participation of American intelligence agents along with the assigning of the new upcoming ambassador to Mexico, Anthony Wade—who previously served as ambassador in Afghanistan—has caused many to speculate that the United States is beginning to see Mexico as a new Afghan-style battle zone. Within Mexico there are also 60 DEA agents on duty, along with 40 immigration and customs agents, 20 Marshal service deputies, 18 ATF agents, and dozens more working for the FBI, Citizen and Immigration Service, Customs and Border Protection, Secret Service, Coast Guard and Transportation Safety Agency. The United States has pledged to provide the Mexican government with $1.5 billion in aid to fund Mexico’s efforts against the drug cartels.


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