The US Secret Drone Expansion

The US military and intelligence agencies are expanding their secretive drone program in the Arabian Peninsula. The Times of London quoted a ‘Persian Gulf’ defense source as claiming the US is constructing more drone bases to intensify attacks against al-Qaeda allies and affiliates in Somalia and Yemen, such as ‘al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’. The CIA is using bases in the UAE, Saudia Arabia and Omanm, having already increased the numbers of CIA officers in Yemen.

The current campaign is run by a military counterterrorism unit, the Joint Special Operations Command, with the CIA providing intelligence support. JSOC forces have been allowed by the Yemeni government of Ali Abdullah Saleh to conduct limited strikes there since 2009.

Recent reports on the growing number of US drones that have been shot down in Iran indicates the US has stepped intelligence operations there, through drone drone flights.

Meantime, recent reports on the growing number of the US drones shot down in Iran and some other regional countries, indicated that the US has actually intensified intelligence operations in the regional countries, including Iran, through drone flights. In January,  a senior Iranian military official had confirmed reports on the shooting down of several enemy drones over the Persian Gulf:

“We have experienced such incidents many times in the past and there have even been drones belonging to the occupying Zionist regime (Israel), the United States and Britain which have been shot down in the Persian Gulf during the past 7 years”


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