Coming to Afghanistan (and a street near you): The Gorgon Stare

The Washington Post reports on an advanced US military surveillance capability called the ‘Gorgon Stare’. The Air Force is hoping to deplpoy the technology, which is capable of transmitting live video feed of ‘entire towns’, this winter. It can send up to 65 images to different users, with today’s Predators and Reapers capable of a single camera shot of perhaps a building or two.

The development comes against a backdrop of increased spy plane missions in Afghanistan. The technology is been discussed by The Department of Homeland Security.

In January this year, Texas police launched a bird-size drone called a ‘Wasp’ to sweep a suspect’s property prior to a executing a search warrant. The operation in Austin is controversial because it could prove the first of a potentially revolutionary new uses of drones: domestic law enforcement. By 2013 the FAA expects to have new rules that would allow police to fly lightweight, unarmed drones up to 400 feet above the ground.

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